Initial Ordering

For your initial order, we will work with you directly to get your account set up and cards shipped. Your initial order will include the following:

  • A complete set of 24 different cards:  For your initial order we recommend ordering 10 cards of each verse (total of 240 cards) which also comes with a free card display. Otherwise, you may order 5 of each card (total of 120 cards), and the charge for the display stand is $30.
  • A display stand:  You can select either a revolving counter display or a revolving floor stand display. Both types of displays have 24 pockets. Each pocket contains a pocket liner that identifies the card that goes in that pocket by code and by the occasion. Each display pocket can hold up to twenty cards.

Payment Options

We accept credit card and check payments.  To set up automatic credit card processing please call us to set up your account.  We can keep your credit card number on file if you wish to speed future reordering.


Card Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the way the cards are selling, we will pay you for any unsold cards and the display stand. Each year one or two of the slow-moving verses are discontinued, and new verses are released. Any of the discontinued verses may be exchanged for new verses. New pocket liners are also enclosed with the shipment of the new verses. Should any of the cards become bent or soiled, simply return them for fresh cards. Should you end up with too many of a slow-selling verse, you may exchange them for other verses.