Our Design

Our unique design allows the card to be hung around the neck of the wine bottle which helps keep the card with the bottle.  Cards are printed on heavy-stock paper, using multi-color printing and embossing.  The front and the inside of each card contains a message for the occasion, such as the one shown above for the holiday season.

We offer a wide variety of cards to accompany wine-giving occasions including those for:

Saying Congratulations

Dinner Parties

Expressing Friendship

Gift Giving

Holiday Celebrations

Saying Thank You

Listing of Cards by Category

The complete list of available cards and associated verses are shown below.

Category Occasion Message Card Code
Congratulations Anniversary Front: A fine wine blends the juice of different grapes. A happy marriage blends the lives of… A2
Inside: two loving people - like you! Happy Anniversary!
Congratulations Front: Congratulations! C1
Inside: May this bottle of wine add to your celebration!
Love Front: Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own. - Robert Heinlein L2
Inside: A toast to your happiness!
Wedding Front: Full of promise, a new wine, W1
Inside: a new life together. Congratulations and best wishes!
Dinner Party Dinner Guest Front: An unpretentious bottle of wine to add to our evening of… D1
Inside:  good cuisine, company, and conversation!
Dinner Guest Front:  Most pleasant of all ties is the tie of host and guest! - Aeschylus 456 BC D2
Inside:  Here's to wonderful hosts and to a delightful evening.
Dinner Guest Front:  To the sun that warmed the vineyard, To the juice that made the wine, D3
Inside:  To the host that cracked the bottle, And made it yours and mine.
Friendship Friendship Front:  From wine what sudden friendships spring! - John Gay F3
Inside:  May ours be lasting!
Friendship Front:  What though youth have love and roses, Age still leaves us friends and wine - Thomas Moore F4
Inside:  Enjoy the wine, dear friend!
Friendship Front:  No special occasion… F6
Inside:  just a bottle of wine from one friend to another. Enjoy!
Friendship Front:  When the world wearies and social media ceases to satisfy, there is always… F7
Inside:  a glass of wine with a friend.
Gift Birthday Front:  I find friendship to be like wine, raw when new, ripened with age… - Thomas Jefferson B2
Inside:  This wine and our friendship have aged well. Happy Birthday dear friend!
Birthday Front:  Is the wine glass half empty or half full? B5
Inside:  Who cares when you have the bottle. Enjoy a wonderful birthday!
Birthday Front:  Wine improves with age: B6
Inside:  age improves with wine! Enjoy this bottle of improvement. HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Humerous Front:  Who does not love wine, women and song remains a fool his whole life long. - Johann Heinrich Voss H1
Inside:  You're no fool!
Humerous Front:  Sophisticated, Seductive, Complex, and Full Bodied H2
Inside:  (and the wine's not bad either)
House Warming Front:  Here's something you don't have to unpack or unwrap… N1
Inside:  just uncork and enjoy. Happy Housewarming!
Holiday Merry Christmas Front:  Have a Merry Christmas… M1
Inside:  and a "vintage" New Year!
Season's Greetings Front:  Seasons Greetings… M2
Inside:  and may the new year be a "vintage" one for you!
Season's Greetings Front:  May this juice from the vine M3
Inside:  put a little jingle in your holidays!
Thank You Job Well Done Front:  Now that your task is completed, just sit back, enjoy this wine, and reflect on… J1
Inside:  A job well done! THANK YOU
Thank You Front:  Thank you from the very bottom of my… T1
Inside:  wine cellar!
Thank You Front:  A bottle of good wine, like a good act, shines ever in retrospect. - Robert Louis Stevenson T2
Inside:  Thank you for you act of kindness
Thank You Front:  This wine might be complex… T3
Inside:  but its message is simple - Thank You!
Blank Blank Front:  Blank O1